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The Ukrainian South African trade portal is a platform for the promotion of trade between the two countries.

Companies register on the site, are vetted to ensure legitimacy, and provided with a user name and password so they can populate the site with marketing and sales information.

Users can search for partners using a company name, products, HCDS codes or services required.


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Here are some questions and answers why you will benefit from using out Trade Portal.

  • 01 What is a Trade Portal?

    A Trade Portal is a website that provides specific information for businesses in a particular industry, linking to other websites that provide products and services.

  • Companies list all their products and services online. You can browse or search through this information, looking for the correct company to contact. You can search for products, services, companies or HS Codes. All information is provided in English.

  • The UA ZA Portal administrator will vet company information provided for legitimacy. Confirmation of company and director details with the registering body, validation of tax numbers, confirmation of email address, website and physical address. Each country has a vetting process appropriate to its environment.


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Products & Services

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Alternative dispute resolution

Alternative dispute resolution

Financial services
Web Design

Web Design

Litigation Intelligence

Litigation Intelligence



Industrial Supplies and Materials
Pothole Magic

Pothole Magic

Industrial Supplies and Materials
Sonke application

Sonke application

Youth learnership

Youth learnership

Supplier development

Supplier development



Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost to participating on the UA ZA Trade Portal?

There is no cost involved.

How do I contact the UA ZA Trade Portal support?

Please send an email to info@uazatrade.com.

How do I find a supplier or customer in the other country?

Use the Search facility to search for products, services, companies or HCDS code.

I need specific information about one of the two countries. How do I find exactly what I need?

Please see the Library page which contains useful information. If you require information that is not available there then please send an email to the administrator of this website at info@uazatrade.com.

How do I make a trade request?

After registering and passing the vetting process, the user can populate its company page with information and make trade requests for specific products, services or HCDS codes.

How do I get access to this site to search for companies in the other country?

Please register as a user. You will need to have a valid and active email address. Once you are registered and your email address is validated, you will be able to add your company details and request that it be validated. Our friendly staff will validate your company details and once you are validated you can start to add your company Products & Services, and Trade Requests. You can also search for other Products & Services, Companies or Trade Requests.

Trade Info

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Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Ukraine


The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Ukraine reached a 3.2% growth at the end of 2019. From 2016 Ukraine has obtained a stable economic GDP growth between 2.3% and 3.3%.

The Consumer Price Index (CPI)


The Consumer Price Index measures the aggregate level of prices in the economy with goods and services purchased by households in the country. Ukraine's CPI was 3.1 in 2020, meaning that the change in price levels of goods and services are 3.1%.

Exchange Rate


The current exchange rate of the USD/UAH is 27.78 as of November 2020. The exchange rate between the USD/UAH is always fluctuating. Ukraine currently has 26.1 Billion (USD) International reserves. In 2020 the highest ever International Reserves were reached.

Ukraine International Reserves

UA International Reserves

Ukraine currently has 26.1 Billion (USD) International reserves. In 2020 the highest ever International Reserves were reached.

Ukraine Key Policy Rates

UA Key Policy Rates

The key policy rates are used as a tool by the Central Banks in the different countries to implement monetary policy. Ukraine has lowered their bank policy rates with 7.5% in 2019-2020 from 13.5% to 6% at the end of November 2020.

Ukraine Foreign Trade

UA Foreign Trade

In 2015 Ukraine had a negative GDP growth rate of -9.8% and 2015 was the only year that Ukraine exported more products than imported. The past 4 years Ukraine imported more products and the most recent 2019 data shows that Ukraine exported a total of 50.3 Billion (USD) and imported 60.8 Billion


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